andrew schneider investigates

Previous investigations

Andrew Schneider’s published investigative reports include:

Honey Laundering (2008)
The honey business is plagued with international intrigue, where foreign hucksters and shady importers sometimes rip off conscientious packers with Chinese honey diluted with cheap sugar syrup or tainted with illegal antibiotics.

The Dangers of Diacetyl (2008)
Diacetyl is a chemical butter flavoring commonly found in microwave popcorn. Government worker safety investigators have linked diacetyl exposure to the sometimes fatal destruction of the lungs of hundreds of workers in food production and flavoring factories. Yet it can be found in thousands of products.

Uncivil Action (1999 – present)
Tiny Libby, Mont., depended for years on the jobs at a vermiculite mine. Hundreds of former miners, their wives and children, and other townspeople have either died or been diagnosed with fatal illness from asbestos the mine released into the air.

THE POWER TO HARM: A Record of Abuses in Wenatchee– First of five parts
Monday, February 23, 1998


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