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July 28, 2008

Radioactive countertops and humor

Filed under: Environmental health issues,Random observations — Andrew Schneider @ 06:46

One of the most interesting things about writing this blog is reading the comments you send in reaction. Unlike the stories I write for the paper, which seem to generate mostly anti-Bush comments, my blog items attract insightful � and often witty � responses that make me laugh and, sometimes, make me cringe.

For example, in response to my blog item on radioactive granite countertops, I was called on using an incorrect word. I had people “pouring” over a slick magazine rather than “poring.” And I wrote about Realtors with a capitol “R,” when I was really talking about all agents, including those with less training.

But while I’m impressed with the copy editing skills of the blog’s readers, it’s your humor that I most enjoy.

An “unregistered user” told me “I have granite countertops, a microwave oven and a cell phone, that means I have more nuclear capabilities than Iraq and North Korea. I am a superpower. I expect to be a permanent member of the UN Security Counsel by next week.”

“Jack” asked: “All I want to know is if I can run my electric appliances with the granite. Maybe I can cut my oil dependency. Maybe someone can design a car that runs on countertops. Energy independence might be just a countertop away”.

One more unregistered user questioned: “If my ex-wife gets cancer and dies from the granite countertops I insisted on installing, am I liable for murder?”

Willowywisp added: “I was kind of hoping that granite countertops really were radioactive enough to have a giant recall – just because I can’t convince my husband to get something less expensive and more practical because he’s bought into the idea that anything else looks “cheap”. At least he doesn’t want cement countertops like our uber-rich friends have.”

“jcg” wrote about: “Thousands of yuppies proving that they have money to burn by installing heat-sucking, easily etched, realtor-thinks-it’s-cool monstrosities, and dying because the countertops fried them.”

Keep the comments coming. And I wish we required your email addresses. I’d like to chat with many of you.


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