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February 12, 2008

Blue candies update

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We almost always appreciate it when readers tell us we’re wrong. Okay. So not always, but it does interest us on our side of the computer to see what prompts the reader to action.

Would you like to guess how many calls and e-mails I’ve received in the past three hours from people wanting me to know that Smarties are also very popular throughout Canada and parts of the States, and not just in the UK?

Smarties of all colors rolling off the candy line.

And for those of you who wanted to know more about this candy that appears to have a cult following among some of our readers, I offer the following from Nestle:

Smarties were introduced in 1937 and remain one of the major confectionery brands, with an extremely strong brand heritage. When they were first introduced, Smarties were known as “Chocolate Beans” and were renamed Smarties a year later.

The original colors were dark brown, green, light brown, orange, pink, violet and yellow. Prior to 1958, the dark brown sweet had a plain chocolate centre, the light brown sweet had a coffee flavoured centre and the orange sweet had an orange flavoured centre. As a result of consumer research, this was then changed and milk chocolate was used for all the centres with only the orange sweet remaining flavoured.

The blue Smartie had been in European Smartie packs for some years before it was introduced in the UK for a limited period in 1988 to celebrate Smarties’ 50th birthday. The promotion was so successful that the blue Smartie was then introduced permanently, replacing the light brown colored sweet.

See earlier posting about why blue was removed and finally returned.


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